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About Us

Ashfield Risk Transfer Solutions (ARTS) is a specialist transaction insurance brokers that deals exclusively with contaminated industrial and commercial sites.

We are unique in the market because we transact and develop site-specific insurance policies that combine a deep knowledge of law, insurance and scientific expertise.

The result is that we are able to provide insurance which de-risks sites that would have otherwise been difficult to develop.

Our Managing Director, Stephen, is a qualified lawyer, co-founder of the environmental insurance market in the City of London, and a former Chair of the UK Environmental Law Association. He has worked in the insurance sector for 25 years: co-founding a market leading environmental insurance underwriting agency, providing legal advice to a well-established latent defect insurer and brokering environmental insurance and related policies to support commercial and industrial property transactions.

ARTS is part of the Ashfield Solutions Group of companies: https://www.ashfieldsolutions.com/. This gives us access to scientific experts who are highly experienced in analysing and mitigating contamination and related geo-physical risks.


Why choose ARTS?

ARTS is different from other insurance brokers. We have a better way of understanding risks and mitigating them – and we specialise in large and complex sites. This approach and specialisation  gives us an edge.

We take a multidisciplinary approach to better understand your environmental, legal liability and other property and then to put in place suitable insurance protection. We bring together the full range of skills (scientific, legal, commercial and insurance) in order to provide this service in a rigorous and professional way.

Other brokers tend to employ insurance brokers, not lawyers who really understand liabilities or scientists who really understand technical risks.

What info do you need from me?

All insureds are under an obligation to disclose material / relevant information – typically site details, maps, reports and the like.

For complex projects we can set up a secure dataroom to give insurers the opportunity to review the information to then decide whether the risk is insurable.

How long does it take to get insured?

The best advice that we can give is that this process should not be rushed – there is a lot of truth in the axiom of acting in haste and repenting at leisure. We have finalised insurance in a matter of days, but it is better to have more time and to do as thorough a job as possible.

Ideally insureds should allow 2-4 weeks for the broking process: understanding your objectives; summarising the risks of concern; obtaining material information to disclose to prospective insurers; approaching insurers; addressing insurers’ questions; reviewing insurers terms; selecting an approved insurer; negotiating the policy wording; and incepting cover. It can take several days of team effort to conclude this process – to do it properly.

Do you have a minimum project size?

We do not have a minimum project size.

We have a lot of experience working on larger sites – some of our insured sites are – often our insured sites are more than 100 ha in size and are being developed for a wide range of uses. 

We also like to bring our expertise to bear on complex sites, such as commercial and industrial brownfield sites which are being redeveloped, and these can often be small in size and relatively low in value.

What’s your maximum period of cover available?

For environmental insurance projects we can provide cover for up to 25 years.

For legal indemnity insurance cover is typically provided on an in perpetuity basis or until the insured disposes of the property.

For construction insurance, cover is typically 10-12 years.

For abortive costs insurance the cover is not for a fixed period of time – it is for the costs of an unsuccessful appeal to the Planning Inspectorate.

What’s the maximum limits of cover available?

For environmental insurance projects (e.g. the development of large or complex environmentally suspect sites) we usually suggest up to £20M of cover per site. However, for one high risk site we recently provided £50M of cover, comprising an underlying layer from one insurer with an excess layer provided by another.

For legal indemnity insurance, we use markets which can provide up to £195M of cover for a single site.

For abortive planning costs insurance, the maximum limit available is £1.5M of abortive planning costs incurred in making an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate.

For construction insurance, we provide up to £30M of cover for commercial structures.

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