What Next – Life after Lockdown for a Leading Law Firm

Hats off to Browne Jacobson, a leading UK law firm, for its refreshing plans for life after lockdown. Whilst the UK government is tinkering with the idea of a ‘green recovery’, Browne Jacobson is taking a series of steps to look after its staff and to adjust to the new normal.

We hear that some employers are discouraging staff from travelling on public transport, insisting that they get to work by car – this is crazy. There will be little hope for a green recovery if we turn our back on green transport options. Browne Jacobson are supporting the use of electrical cars and providing free facemasks to staff who wish to travel on public transport, which they are also encouraging.

To cut carbon consumption and reduce the risk of C-19 in the workplace, Browne Jacobson also support the use of remote working where possible. From many other sources we also know that this is set to be quite a trend. Return to densely-packed office is not an attractive prospect for anyone for the foreseeable future. Businesses may require smaller premises where they can use hot-desking and staff may only need to commute to work for a couple of days per week. Travel to see clients may also be discouraged unless it is deemed to be essential. The money saved by encouraging green alternatives can then be used for other good causes.

Law firms are of course businesses in their own right and they can use their
purchasing power to support the green economy. An example would be the
purchase of green energy or perhaps the installation of solar panels on the rooves of commercial buildings to generate a highly attractive return on investment. This is also an initiative which Browne Jacobson is keen to pursue. Better choices will result in lower carbon impacts and more sustainable outcomes for all concerned. It is to be hoped that other businesses will take a leaf out of Browne Jacobson’s book by taking clear and practicable steps to support the green recovery that we all need to see.

By Stephen Sykes LL.B, MA, Director at Ashfield Risk Transfer Solutions

Email: stephen.sykes@ashfieldrts.com

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